9 JUN 20 @ 08:00PM
Deck of Ashes is out NOW!
Hey, folks!

You've been waiting for this moment. We've been waiting for this moment. From now on, Deck of Ashes is no longer in Early Access - the final version of Deck of Ashes is available NOW!

Once again we want to thank all the players who supported us all this time - without you we would never have been able to make this game so awesome, and we hope that you will enjoy what we have prepared for you in the release version of Deck of Ashes!
A little more awesomeness: during next two weeks a special "Day 1 Edition" will be available on Steam, which includes unique digital bonuses: an extended digital artbook, HD wallpapers, and all existing skins for the main characters, plus a personal thank you from the dev team!

But wait, there's mote: all players who have purchased Deck of Ashes in Early Access will also receive these bonuses for free!

Now go and rid the world of the Ash Curse!