21 April 22 @ 08:00PM
Deck of Ashes on consoles and "Tome of Dimensions" DLC is available!
Meet Sibyl the Dark Soul, a lonely but fearless fighter looking to bring her race back from extinction. A deadly sharpshooter, Sybil uses different arrowheads in her arsenal to deal critical hits. Resurrect fallen enemies to deal even more damage, or use Fear and Hysteria to disorient foes. Learn a new character's history, access over 100+ new cards, and battle newly arrived dangerous enemies.

To celebrate the release of the add-on we have prepared a new atmospheric trailer:
Now you can discuss deck tactics with your friends playing on consoles! After all, Deck of Ashes is now available on them as well:
- Xbox;
- PlayStation;
- Nintendo Switch;
- PC.

We've also done a lot of work on fixing small bugs previously found in the game.

Thanks for the wait, enjoy the game and DLC!