3 MAY @ 11:07AM
Event Purple Plague
New event is active for 2 weeks, ends May 16th.

Our first time-limited event "Cosplay of Thrones" has come to an end, but do not despair! We've listened to your feedback and have seen that our little experiment was well received, that's why we're introducing a new event that will run for 2 weeks - Purple Plague.

We've also heard your suggestions about achievements in time-limited events and now you will continue to earn achievements in the game while playing with official plug-ins too, enjoy!

The event includes:

- new model for Lucia

- 2 new cards, one of which is a curious ailment with unique properties (you can get it only in the Swamp from a passive effect of that location, same as other ailments). How to earn the second card is hinted in the description of the first, can you figure it out?

- new limited achievement, which can be unlocked by collecting 3 copies of the new ailment.
Please be aware, this is important!

- If you are start new campaign with time-limited event, your current game save will be lost.


In addition to everything above, we're also introducing a new enemy -- new monster, which is not time-limited, and which was added to the game permanently.

Welcome the Spore Rat - a new addition to the swarm of Infestors!

Spore Rat is a horrifying symbiotic organism, formed from the mutation of a spore virus. Unlike its smaller brethren, regular rats, Spore Rats are not just beasts. Their will is controlled by the spores, eating their minds alive. Disgusting and dangerous, they are able to summon Spores and infect you with the Black Plague. Every adventurer that dares to enter the Swamps should know that Spore Rat bites will lead to serious bleeding, and dying Spore Rats can add a Parasite to your deck, leaving in a rush the dead body of its progenitor.


One more thing - presenting the improved targeting system! Now you don't have to draw cards from the hand while holding the left mouse button, instead the system works in two ways: by clicking on a card and by holding the mouse button, as before. We hope you'll like the feature!


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