20 DEC @ 08:00PM
Here are the archetypes of cards and game mechanics of our new shapeshifter character. Get to know Magnus the Ugly Jester!
The first and main archetype: "Curses". Its idea is that the player imposes on opponents debuffs, each of which slightly reduces the characteristics of the monsters (Speed, Strenght, Critical chance, and Dodge chance - moreover, the Strenght can take negative values, which will weaken monster attacks!). The effects of the Curses are summarizable, so the more it will be imposed on the enemy, the greater debuff the enemy will receive. Also, in addition to passive effects, Curses can be removed, applying massive damage to your opponent.
The second archetype: "Obedience" allows the player to control the mind of opponents, forcing them to attack their allies or even themselves. The power of attack depends on the new parameter that was introduced in the game - the rank of the monster. For example, regular enemies like Wolves or Possessors have the "Weak" rank, while larger and more dangerous monsters like Chimeras or Corpse Wagons have the "Strong" rank. Consequently, the more powerful the monster is, the stronger are the effects of Obedience. This is one of the most unique game mechanics we have planned since we started developing the game!
The third archetype: "Phantom." Now you will be able to summon your own personal monster, who will protect you until his death! The Phantom cannot be attacked by most monster attacks and each move loses its health. Your servant can perform both simple attacks and more complex combat combinations. For example: Initially Phantom has only primitive attack skills, but with the help of cards of this archetype player can expand his skill set, giving the personal monster additional passive properties, such as "Defender", and even the possibility of treatment at the expense of the Health of a servant!
In conclusion, we want to talk about one of the Magnus' most important features.

Each battle Magnus will begin in the human form of Jester, in which archetype Curse cards cost 1 less mana. For the fourth round, the character will be transformed into one of two random monstrous shapes - the shape of Wrath or the shape of Fear, each of which reduces the cost of cards corresponding to Magnus' archetype (Phantom or Obedience). This is valid for 3 rounds, after which the character returns to his basic form. It is worth noting that each of the three shapes, in addition to the positive effect, will also have a negative, so the player will have to constantly adapt to a specific combat situation. Due to the peculiarity of Magnus' gameplay, the need for a precise combination of cards becomes vital. There will be a lot of variations to achieve victory!

Magnus' release will take place at the end of December in beta format.

What does that mean?
  • Some content, like the art of cards, may not be available;
  • We will listen to the community very carefully;
  • We'll be balancing Magnus until the game's full release.