27 DEC @ 08:00PM
Since childhood, Magnus was given to King Octavius' palace, to be a laughingstock for the citizens.
Every day he was mocked, ridiculed and humiliated, pointing a foolish jester in his place. Revealing his talent for manipulating the minds of others, Magnus dared to find the Ash Box and get its power so that no one else would dare to mock him... nobody.
Magnus the Ugly Jester
If you want to know Magnus' motivation, hurry up and read:



Hi folks, it's time to tell you more about the new character. Get to know each other: Since childhood, Magnus was given to the palace of King Octavius, to be a laughingstock for...

Learn more about Magnus' archetypes:


Note: it's a beta release. What does that mean?
  • Part of the content such as card's art and the storyline will be not included in the game;
  • We will listen to the community very carefully;
  • We'll be working on Magnus until the game is fully released.
How do I start a beta?

Please follow this simple guide:
Right-clicking on Deck of Ashes in the Steam's library

Go to the BETAS tab and select Magnus_Public_Beta. Leave the password field blank. Close this window and restart the Steam client to correctly update the game. Done! You are beta-tester now :)
Where can I discuss Magnus' gameplay?

We encourage you to join our Discord server, where in a community of like-minded people we will bring Magnus' gameplay to perfection: https://discord.gg/9uz9y3h

However, you can also use the related topic on Steam's forum: https://steamcommunity.com/app/1016730/...
With this update, the Badlands Leaderboard will be added to the game, giving players the opportunity to compete in mastering the Badlands!

The Leaderboard divides the players into two parameters:
  • BEST SCORE - shows the maximum number of Reward Points earned during 1 game run.
  • BEST TIME - shows the minimum time a player has spent on 1 game run.
Simply put, you can compete with other players in two disciplines: the speed and quality of the passage of the Badlands.

You can find the Leaderboard:
  • After the win screen in Badlands;
  • In the main menu by clicking on the appropriate button.