21 NOV 19 @ 08:00PM
Thanks to your feedback from the beta test, Magnus is becoming better and better!
  • Eruption - now has a common counter in the form of a status effect over the character. Any card with Eruption mechanics reduces the counter by 1. Every fourth card played with an Eruption produces the effect specified in its description.
  • Tough Doppelganger - Now this trait not only increases Phantom Health by 150, but also strengthens its basic attack - 25 damage instead of 18. At the same time, it can still be affected by additional strengthening effects such as Strength.
Stable Illusion - the main effect of this card has been preserved, but in addition to it now also increases the power of the Phantom by 2. Several of these cards will be perfectly combined with the updated talent "Tough Doppelganger".
Magnus changes
Hello folks!
We have prepared a lot of fresh content for you! Now the game runs will be even more varied!
Master of the forest

A formidable monster who can summon his own kind to help him.
NOTE: new monsters are only available inside the in-game events.
Wax Witch

The ancient powerful witch, who learned the combustion techniques

The abandoned bride will not forgive you for your mistakes :)

Ancient warrior, stabbing with his sword. These wounds will not be easy to heal...

Reality or illusion? Are you sure you attacked the right enemy? A mistake would cost you your life!
Sly is an experienced fighter, the leader of the outcasts. To meet Sly in this cursed and Godforsaken world means to die. Having succeeded in mastering cold weapons, Sly learned to adopt the techniques of the other characters.

There are 10 new cards in this update. It forms an archetype.
  • Borrowed Strength
  • Borrowed Support
  • Leader's Wisdom
  • Preemptive Strike
  • Careful Planning
  • Cruel Leader
  • Gang Support
  • Tendon Slice
  • Clever Turn
  • Tactical Retreat