16 MAY @ 5:48PM
Vampyro Event
Season of the Purple Plague has ended, and today we're thrilled to introduce a new limited event that will be active for 2 weeks - Vampyro! As we continue to experiment with events, this time we've decided to add an ability to play with a card mechanic previously available only to monsters - it's called "Lifesteal". Damage dealt by this card restores the equivalent amount of Health points to the character who played it., and to make the vampyro-cards even more interesting we've attached them to the newly released Pyrobomb archetype.

Welcome the Vampyro set!

Vampyro includes:

- New model for Lucia;

- 3 new cards, one of which is based on the "Lifesteal" mechanic, and two others compliment its overall theme. You can get 3 event recipes using all of the usual ways to get card recipes.

- New time-limited achievement - if you use Lifesteal mechanic to steal 60 points of Health from the enemies in one battle, you will get the limited achievement, forever!
Please be aware!

- if you start a new game with Vampyro plug-in enabled, any progress in the already active campaign will be lost!


Update 170 also brings a few gameplay fixes:- Scroll of Combustion no longer affects Pyrobomb's damage (the incendious trick of a billion damage)

- Pyrobomb can no longer be applied to yourself.

- Added automatic trait activation when purchasing traits from the Blacksmith (purchased trait will be automatically inserted into the active slot)

- Discarding Sacrificial Skull (for example, by a Devastator) now works correctly.

- Purifying Pyrobomb no longer removes positive effects from the player.

- You can now return cards back to the hand by pressing the Right Mouse Button (RMB)

- Heat Exhaust now has a damage indicator at the end of its description.


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